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Everything Validated, just we cannot find this lab in SoS.


URGENT Notice: IRLP Yearly Major Maintenance Outage,
August 17 6:00 AM - August 17, End of the day EDTClick here to read the notice

Urgent Notice: IRLP Yearly Major Maintenance Outage,
August 17 6:00 AM - August 17, End of the day EDT

The IRLP maintenance outage is scheduled from Monday, August 17 6:00 AM Eastern Daylight Time through Monday, August 17 End of the day Eastern Daylight Time.

The IBM Poughkeepsie Facilities team requires an outage to building 003, where our IRLP lab is located, in order to perform significant building electrical service maintenance.

If you want to keep access to your environment, in case your course does not require to connect to any physical hardware (like IBM Power server or IBM z), then before the outage, you can click on Direct Environment Access and save the URL to by-pass this page that will not be available during the outage: your lab is hosted in the cloud and is then not impacted.
If your class requires access to physical hardware, your hardware will be shutdown during the outage. You will not be able to run your labs.

We apologize for the inconvenience this will cause.

Best Regards,
The IRLP support team

The lab resource is unavailable. Please try again later.

If you just received an email with the links, it can take up to 10 minutes for the links to activate.
You can test your connectivity and speed environment using the resources below.

Skytap Tests

Please test against the location your lab is hosted using the following test.
Connectivity Test - Test your browser's latency and ability to connect and utilize Skytap.
Speed Test - Test your network connection's speed and firewall configuration when connecting to Skytap.

Helpdesk: Support

Please contact your Global Training Provider or class contact for class or lab support.

Helpdesk: Phone

The Support Hotline can be reached by calling:

  • toll-free: +1 (844) 335-7094
  • direct international: +1 (469) 619-2474

Helpdesk: Email

The Support Hotline can be reached by emailing irlphelp@us.ibm.com.

Helpdesk: Chat

The Support Hotline can be reached via a live chat session by clicking here. This is especially good if you do not have a phone or one that can access our numbers.