IBM Labs: Connectivity Test

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Skytap Tests

Please test against the location your lab is hosted using the following test.
Connectivity Test - Test your browser's latency and ability to connect and utilize Skytap.
Speed Test - Test your network connection's speed and firewall configuration when connecting to Skytap.

Helpdesk: Support

Please contact your Global Training Provider or class contact for class or lab support.

Helpdesk: Phone

The Support Hotline can be reached by calling:

  • toll-free: +1 (844) 335-7094
  • direct international: +1 (469) 619-2474

Helpdesk: Email

The Support Hotline can be reached by emailing

Helpdesk: Chat

The Support Hotline can be reached via a live chat session by clicking here. This is especially good if you do not have a phone or one that can access our numbers.